SimpleTexting integration

SMS & text marketing service for companies of all sizes

About SimpleTexting integration

SimpleTexting is the leading web-based platform for SMS marketing and business texting. The software gives organizations the ability to send marketing campaigns, share important alerts, and provide 1-on-1 customer service using text messages.

SimpleTexting and StoryChief are committed to helping you reach your target audience. We want your messages to be heard and your stories to be told.

SimpleTexting integration features

Through Zapier, you can create as many as 11 possible integrations between SimpleTexting and StoryChief, and start sharing faster.

What Can You Do with StoryChief and SimpleTexting?

  • Send a text when a story is published
  • Create a new StoryChief user and add a subscriber within SimpleTexting
  • Send an SMS messages when a draft has been updated

SimpleTexting integration pricing

The SimpleTexting integration is freely available for all StoryChief plans.

SimpleTexting & StoryChief Zapier templates

SimpleTexting integration screenshots

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